Before the age of technology has taken over the society, activities such as recording, editing and producing were really challenging tasks! Not everyone had access to equipment, hardware and tools that were essential to the task. More so, the costly prices of these things made it harder for ordinary people to take it in as a hobby. However, with today’s technology, people can easily take it as a hobby. All you need are a computer, a software and a mic. Almost all people have computers and so additional expense will only be on the software and mic.

One of the good software products is Audacity. It is highly recommended for those who do not have much background since it is very easy to use. It has the basic multiple track tools you will need in editing. If you find yourself in a more confident position, you can also explore its other features which suit more advanced editors. In addition, it can be run in Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

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Audacity works like MS Word or MS Excel. So if you are good with the latter software, you are going to be good with Audacity. It simply involves dragging and dropping files and editing through cutting, copying and pasting. These features are easily presented which makes it easy for anyone to start editing and producing right away.

Imports and Exports
After completing your piece, you may want to transfer it to a disc or an mp3 player. With Audacity, you can easily import and export in different formats, making it possible for you to play it in any type of audio gadget. You can immediately share your artwork to your friends, family and even your potential producer!

With this music editing software, you can also revive some of your old audios that have deteriorated with time. With Audacity’s tools, you can remove background noises, hissing, feedback, etc. that ruin the musical experience. It is also possible to play with the track’s pitch without having to affect its tempo.

Most computers have built in mic jacks. With Audacity, you can simply record with it. You can easily record anything you connect to the jack. The things you can connect are keyboards, guitars, drums, microphones, etc. You can also adjust the volume at any point of your recording. This makes things so much easier and affordable.

Multi tracks
This music editing software gives you the chance to record 16 channels with no additional costs.
If you are keen on removing unwanted background noises on homemade videos or simply make an audio visual for work or school, it would be good to invest on these kinds of software. Nevertheless, if you are the type to obsess in the music you listen to, getting audio software is also a good idea. With it, you can have 100% control on the note, pitch, tempo, etc. of what you listen to.

The best software is one that will allow you to do multiple things with a single interface. It can get a bit challenging at first but with patience and determination, you will get the hang of it in no time. You can even hone your skills by practicing with free editing software first. In that way, you would not have to spend a dime. More so, if things do not go as planned, you can simply quit the activity with no monetary loss. However, if you do get to the stage where you are okay with everything, producing your own piece and editing existing ones will be a breeze.

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